As hosts of the 2017 Charles Family Reunion in St. Martinville, Louisiana, June17th and 18th , this committee is extremely excited about everyone coming back home to St. Martinville.  We are planning some awesome activities and look forward to seeing you here.
Because we do not have all the addresses for everyone, please share this information with other family members about the registration website - or email address - for details. In addition, please let us know your family tree information as soon as possible.  
We look forward to seeing you at the reunion in 2017!!!!
Be blessed,

Dana Wiltz Tillis, Nikki Johnson and Cindy Gunner Mack, 2017 Reunion Chairs
& The Charles Family Reunion Committee

Family Reunion Schedule of Events

Meet and Greet -
Dinner & Awards

Church Services - Mallalieu Methodist

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